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Where to Eat in Cebu IT Park: Affordable Carinderias You Should Visit


I’ve been meaning to come up with a post like this for quite some time now. But since I’ve gotten so busy the past few months, I haven’t been able to write anything new for my blog. It’s been a difficult year for me and with so many things that’s happened, there are just days […]


Here Comes the Rain: Cebu Comfort Food for Rainy Days

Comfort Food for Rainy Days goodfoodtrip

It’s been raining quite a lot lately. If you’re looking for comfort food for rainy days in Cebu, here are our recommendations.


NY Buffalo Brad’s Hot Wings opens in Cebu IT Park

buffalo brads cebu it park goodfoodtrip

NY Buffalo Brad’s Hot Wings has finally opened in Cebu. If you want to eat chicken wings inside Cebu IT Park, this is the place to be.


4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Blankets and Baskets

Blankets and Baskets Parkmall GoodFoodTrip

Head over to Blankets and Baskets, a new weekend market in Cebu where you’ll find Pizzarray, Bin and Bon, Isla Ora Pizza, and a lot more!