Best Breakfast Places in Cebu (2016)


Best Breakfast Places in Cebu (2016)

With a lot of breakfast places in Cebu, you’ll always find a place to relax before you start your day. Back in my (ehem) younger years, I refused to believe breakfast was the most important meal since I loved to eat dinner. I preferred staying up late so I could go to parties and some gigs. But after a few years, I’ve come to enjoy breakfast more than dinner. I’ve realized that breakfast was a more enjoyable experience since I got to have time for myself and gather my thoughts before a busy day unfolds. I particularly love frequenting a relaxing cafe where I would (hopefully) have the place to myself and not have to worry about the crowd of hungry diners rushing to finish their meals.

Breakfast, for my hubby and I, has become an intimate moment; since we started as breakfast buddies in the office. On our weekends away from work, we would try to explore the breakfast places in Cebu. And whenever we can, we try to look for a new cafe we could recommend to our visiting friends. Other than the usual fastfood places, hotel lounges, and buffet places, here are some of our favorite breakfast places where you can enjoy a quiet and unrushed breakfast:

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