4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Blankets and Baskets

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Sundays are always an exciting time to unwind. Depending on your own preference, you may enjoy going to the mall or going out of town; especially now that it’s summer. Over the weekend, hubby and I decided to drop by Parkmall to claim my prize from an Instagram giveaway. While we were there, we got to discover a new weekend market called Blankets and Baskets.

We decided to explore the place and found a few reasons to go back:

#1: You can have a picnic with your friends, family, and pets

Excited for the next @blanketsandbaskets event at @parkmall! #blanketsandbaskets

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Blankets and Baskets offers a number of tables and chairs around the vicinity. In the middle, however, they put some blankets and pillows where you can just lounge around.

#2: They have exciting activities

The blankets and pillows on the grass are actually an exciting way you can enjoy the different activities the weekend market has in store. Apart from outdoor movies, you can expect to find live music and fitness classes that you can take part in.

#3:  Learn something new

They also have workshops for arts and crafts that will teach you something new. Check out their Facebook page for announcements on the different workshops they have in store. Some of the past ones they announced include Design Your Own Ukulele, Silkscreen Printing Workshop, and Art Jam.

#4: Try new food at Blankets and Baskets

Of course, what is a weekend food market without the food? Right now, there are only a few stalls surrounding the event but they have diverse food options to choose from. As far as I can remember, you can find a stall that sells sisig, Roadside Seafood Haus, pochero, lansiao, balbacua, shawarma, Isla Ora Pizza, chicken wings, pizza rolls, and Brigadeiros.

On our visit, we checked out two stalls:


Pizzarray Blankets and Baskets GoodFoodTrip

Pizzarray was actually the main reason why we visited Blankets and Baskets event. I joined their Instagram giveaway for free pizza rolls. They informed me that I won the giveaway and I had until the 21st to claim my prize.

When we got there, that’s when we found the event. Pizzarray gave us an order of their Pizza Rolls and Mozzarella Sticks.

Pizzarray Pizza Rolls GoodFoodTrip
5 pieces for P70
Pizzarray Mozzarella Sticks GoodFoodTrip
Mozzarella Sticks P69

I really found Pizzarray enjoyable. The pizza rolls were a delight to eat. They are served hot and fresh so you have to be careful not to burn your mouth while eating them. I just wish they would have a stall somewhere closer to IT Park or Ayala area.

Pizzarray Address:
Sinangag Plus, Punta Princessa
Contact: 09778026543


Bin and Bon

Bin and Bon Brigadeiros GoodFoodTrip

While waiting for my pizza rolls to finish cooking, I explored the other food stalls at Blankets and Baskets. I came across Bin and Bon, which sold Brigadeiros. At first, I thought that was the name of their stall. But after searching for them on Facebook and Instagram, I realized that Brigadeiros was the name of the Truffles they sold.

Bin and Bon Brigadeiros Price list GoodFoodTrip

Bin and Bon Brigadeiros Box of 4 GoodFoodTrip

Bin and Bon Brigadeiros GoodFoodTrip

Brigadeiros are a common Brazilian dessert made from condensed milk, butter, and cocoa powder. They are traditionally rolled in chocolate sprinkles but may also be rolled in different toppings, much like Truffles are done. I think the big difference between Brigadeiros and Truffles is that Truffles are coated in molten chocolate before they are rolled in a topping. Meanwhile, Brigadeiros are chilled chocolate ganache rolled in a preferred topping.

I enjoyed Brigadeiros too! I would love to order more of this some day. Apart from Blankets and Baskets, Bin and Bon is currently upon order basis. They do meetups, which you can check from their Facebook page.

For orders, call or text 09273373753.


Unfortunately, Blankets and Baskets will be at Parkmall for a limited time only. I spoke to the person in charge and they said they were still trying to see if they could have more dates for their event. Hopefully, it goes well for them since they look really promising. Their upcoming schedule is below:


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