Here Comes the Rain: Cebu Comfort Food for Rainy Days

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There are days when I can’t wait to leave the house– when my feet just want to step outside the door and explore wherever my feet take me. These are days when I just want to head over to a nearby mall and just prefer to drink my coffee from a cafe and observe people as they go by with their rushed lives and schedules. Days when I feel like going up the mountains just to unwind and relax from the city’s demands.

But not today.

Days like these, they’re the ones I look forward to the most: where I can put on my comfiest pajamas and watch Netflix all day. These are the days when I just want to stay at home all day and put my hands around a warm mug of chocolate, its aroma playing with my senses. These are days when I crave of nothing but to take delight in a hot dish, preferably one with soup.

Yes, the rainy days have come.

As we all know by now, the Philippines is made up of two seasons: wet and dry. The wet season usually starts from July until November or December. The dry season runs from March to June, when the temperatures are hottest.

Here in Cebu, it’s been raining on and off and I’ve grown a penchant for staying indoors. I don’t know if it’s because of my age or just because I find comfort in the silence of our small studio apartment, but I like to stay home where I can be safe and dry.

But on days like these, I often find myself with a deep desire for a bowl of piping hot soup or a mug of hot chocolate. Unfortunately for me, Bocas Modern Patisserie has shut its door back in April so I’m left with very little options on where to get my fill of a satisfying mug of hot chocolate. And sadly, I’m based in Cebu so there’s no way for me to find comfort in a bowl of Cansi from Eron’s Cansi House or Sharyn’s Cansi in Bacolod.

So what are my other options?

Here’s a list of comfort food for rainy days in Cebu:

Arroz Caldo

I never understood why my dad favored to eat Arroz Caldo during Noche Buena until I found a bowl that completed me.

On rainy days, I always have a desire to walk to the nearby Lugaw Ni Bossing stall just outside IT Park and have a bowl of their delicious Arroz Caldo. I particularly love their Chicken Feet Lugaw because the adidas has been cooked in a saucy adobo-like marinade.


Photo by Baktin Corporation

Growing up in Bacolod, there was a never-ending array of Batchoy houses to dine in– from the poshest restaurant in town, frequented by the local glitterati; down to a hole-in-the-wall stall in one of those old Chinese buildings found in the downtown area.

In Cebu, I have not yet found the holy grail of all batchoy stores. But according to my friend and fellow blogger, Brennan, #batchoyhouse328 makes a pretty decent choice.


Disclaimer: I do not eat champorado. My friends love it. I can never understand its taste but then again, I’m the only person I know who dislikes champorado. In the spirit of fairness, I decided to add this Filipino comfort food on this list.

My friend Crisch (who wants to keep her blog private) recommends the champorado from Tablea Chocolate.


#lomi for a rainy day. #foodporn

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Lomi is my happy food. Its scent alone transports me to my college days– when I would spend an afternoon in my older brother’s house and his wife would send the helper to a nearby stall to buy a gargantuan serving of lomi for only P60, enough to serve at least four people.

In Cebu, I have found the lomi of Sunburst and Red Chef (both in IT Park) to be as satisfying as the lomi from my younger years.

*The photo here is from Apollo Restaurant in Bacolod, which also serves divine lomi!


tabla pay mga hubog! hahaha! #2ndround #breakfast

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The closest thing I can get to cansi here in Cebu is Pochero. It’s something all Cebuanos love to eat. While it does bring some sort of comfort to me, its fat makes me feel guilty every time I indulge in one. The only thing missing from it is the sourness from the batwan fruit and I’d be sold.

My go to place for pochero in Cebu is Ekit’s Pocherohan, a backyard carinderia frequented by taxi drivers and foodies. Another option close to it is Kusina Uno, who also offers Sizzling Pochero; which is the meat from pochero drowned in gravy.


There is a flagrant selection of ramen places in Cebu, enough for everyone to declare their own favorites. But if my preference counts, you might want to check out Q-Bay Restaurant, Sachi Authentic Japanese Ramen and Okonomiyaki, or Barikata Ramen Bar. I have not yet tried all the ramen places in Cebu but off the top of my head, these are the ones that have comforted me on a rainy day.


Shabu-Shabu is another recommendation on what to eat in rainy season. I love that it’s not only comforting but also light and healthy. We usually go to Shabu-Way in Ayala Center Cebu because it’s cheap and equally comforting.

But to be truthful, we love the shabu-shabu selection of Lucky Bowl Taiwan Shabu-Shabu in F. Cabahug St., Mabolo. Their shabu-shabu comes with heaping quantities of items to include in your soup and they also offer seafood options. The only issue we have is that it’s too expensive to eat there regularly.

Hot Chocolate


Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without hot chocolate. Like I mentioned, Bocas closed its business a few months ago and I have yet to find a good substitute to it. Aside from Bocas, I like the hot chocolate served by The Chocolate Chamber but they usually offer it in batirols that are good for 3 people. I’ve long wanted to enjoy another cup of hot chocolate from them but I have no one to share a batirol with. On that note, does anyone want to join me in a TCC date?


So there you have it. These comprise my list of comfort food for rainy days in Cebu. Do you have any suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment so we can go check it out soon!

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