La Vie Parisienne Cebu: Check Out Their New Look!

La Vie Parisienne Good Food Trip

A friend recently invited us to join them for a glass of wine at La Vie Parisienne before they would play at Handuraw Mango last weekend. Having resided in Cebu for quite some time, a visit to La Vie was no longer privy to us as we’ve had a few quiet mornings in the cafe all to ourselves. When we got there, however, we were amazed to see that La Vie had expanded its area and incorporated a new French chic vibe to it.

The new look extends to the Parisian arched windows that give a peek to a world beyond the glass and onto the green turf ahead. Along with a dim gentleman theme, the interior is given a new character complete with furry lounge seats, leather sofas, and mismatched tables.
la vie parisienne 2016
la vie parisienne 2016
la vie parisienne 2016
la vie parisienne 2016
la vie parisienne 2016
la vie parisienne 2016
Of course, La Vie has retained its iconic wine cellar. But instead of the glass that separated it from the foyer, it now extended into the newly added luxurious lounge; giving its diners more seat options.
La Vie Parisienne Wine Cellar GoodFoodTrip
La Vie Parisienne Wine Cellar Wines
la vie parisienne 2016

As for the food, I still prefer to visit in the morning so I can enjoy a croissant and a cup of coffee. With my siblings in town, I invited them over to join my hubby and I on our last breakfast in Cebu for 2016 as we were to fly to Manila in the evening. We ordered a plate of Four Cheese Pizza from World Pizza. Needless to say, they enjoyed it a lot!
la vie parisienne 2016
la vie parisienne 2016
Outside, La Vie has added teepee tents and bean bags for lounging around the green turf. The stunning pink Cherry Blossom lights are still around. La Vie Parisienne Cebu, at night, transforms into a different world. If you’re visiting Cebu, it’s definitely worth a visit!
la vie parisienne 2016

How to Go to La Vie Parisienne Cebu

If you’re riding a taxi, you can simply tell the driver to bring you to Gorordo near the Mormons Church. You can also ride a jeep to the restaurant.

Do check out the latest look of La Vie. I’m pretty sure you guys will enjoy it as much as I did 🙂

Merry Christmas, everyone! From yours truly, Trixie of

la vie parisienne 2016

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    Thank you! Yes, they do have amazing interior design!

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    You're welcome Crisch! 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog!

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    I wanna go back! Thanks for this Trix!

    • Nitch
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    Good writing. Beautiful interior design

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