NY Buffalo Brad’s Hot Wings opens in Cebu IT Park

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Just when we thought Cebu’s chicken wing places couldn’t get any more saturated, a new restaurant has opened up to offer, well, chicken wings. NY Buffalo Brad’s Hot Wings has opened up right inside the bustling Cebu IT Park hub to cater to its working clientele. For a while now, my friends and I had been waiting for the restaurant to open the doors to its container-type establishment so we wouldn’t have to travel far to enjoy chicken wings. Just last week, my friends discovered that the chicken wing restaurant had already put up a “Soft Opening” sign outside their facade and we made sure to visit last Saturday.

Here’s what we had in mind about the newly opened chicken wing place:

Good: Buffalo Brad’s Hot Wings is inside IT Park

There isn’t too much variety of food choices available inside IT Park. Having Buffalo Brad’s inside it is a huge blessing!

buffalo brads cebu goodfoodtrip

Bad: They were a bit pricey compared to other chicken wing places in Cebu. 

Considering the fact that you can only choose one flavor for every order, it was a bit disappointing for us since we wanted to try all of their flavors. We settled for getting 3 orders of the 10 pcs and 1 order of the 6 pcs so we could try a total of four flavors: Classic Buffalo, Garlic Parmesan, Honey Mustard, and BBQ Lime.

buffalo brads chicken wings goodfoodtrip

Good: We enjoyed the Garlic Parmesan and the Classic Buffalo flavor.

I would love to try the other flavors they offered.

buffalo brads garlic parmesan goodfoodtrip
Garlic Parmesan

Bad: You’d have to pay extra every time you wish to try a higher intensity of spiciness. 

So get this… Classic Buffalo had a very slight spice to it. If you want to increase the spiciness of the sauce, you’d have to pay extra every time you want it higher. Check the menu:

buffalo brads menu goodfoodtrip

Good: The chicken tasted real good.

The chicken tasted really good. There was enough sauce in each plate to truly enjoy the pieces of chicken.

Bad: The rice was under cooked. 

One of my friends (ehem, Ion, ehem) is a big rice eater. I love to pair chicken wings with rice as well. Sadly, the rice served to us was under cooked. It tasted dry and felt like it lacked water.

buffalo brads honey mustard goodfoodtrip
Honey Mustard

Good: They offer other items on the menu.

Aside from chicken wings, Buffalo Brad’s offers sausages, Baby Back Ribs, and pasta. They also have Churros for dessert!

buffalo brads classic buffalo goodfoodtrip
Classic Buffalo

Also Bad: They don’t offer tap/house water. 

Another thing that we found disappointing was that they did not offer house water. It’s not that we couldn’t afford to buy our own drinks but we’re trying to save money and avoid drinking soda.

Good: It’s cool inside. 

If you work inside IT Park, you know the struggle of having nowhere to eat within your building (unless you’re in TGU Tower). And if there’s a restaurant in your building, it’s either super expensive to eat in every day or a fast food place. NY Buffalo Brad’s Hot Wings is found right beside Yakski and the new Park Social. And in order to get there, you’d have to walk under the heat of the scorching sun (since there are no more trees inside IT Park) or rain. When you get to the restaurant, however, you’d be pleased with the cool temperature inside.

buffalo brads bbq lime goodfoodtrip
BBQ Lime

Bad: I don’t get why there’s a TV that shows movies but no audio supplied to it. 

We were watching Pixels to the beat of Astro Nuts’ As Strong As The Sun. If you don’t know what this song is, you’re too young!

buffalo brads hot wings goodfoodtrip

Overall, we’re really happy we finally have a chicken wing restaurant in IT Park. We just hope that Buffalo Brad’s would improve by offering free water and cook the rice right next time we visit.


New York Buffalo Brad’s Hot Wings Branch

Garden Bloc, IT Park
Lahug, Cebu City
Operating Hours:
10:30 am – 2:00 am Daily

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    • shay
    • July 12, 2017

    I love buffalo wings. i found this post by searching for something to eat near me it was great

    • Dave
    • June 7, 2017

    Why do they drown the wings in sauce? Real wings are supposed to be placed in a metal bowl, add sauce and toss. Looks like they are taking a bath.

    My suggestion, cut down on the sauce and cut the prices. The place seems way over priced for a simple chicken wing place.

    • Ion
    • June 5, 2017

    Rice is life!! hahah

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