Pasta Bella Cebu: A Romantic Dinner Underneath the Stars

Pasta Bella Cebu Good Food Trip

Pasta Bella has always been on our go-to list ever since we moved to a new home. But because we’ve been reserving our visit for something special, it took us almost four months before we finally stepped foot in the roofdeck restaurant. And it was for an article I contributed to Looloo. Coincidentally, it was a few days before Valentine’s Day.

Pasta Bella Good Food Trip

Pasta Bella Interior

To be honest, I’m not sure this restaurant is for everyone– especially since you need to climb up to the 5th floor, which happens to be the roofdeck of KIMA Glass Building. There’s no easy way to go there but to climb up the stairs since there’s no elevator. And before you can even enter, you need to sign your name with the guard outside its yellow door.

pasta bella cebu location
Photo from Pasta Bella Facebook page

An option though, is to have their food delivered to your home. They have their own delivery to make sure your lasagna gets to your home hot and fresh.

Pasta Bella Good Food Trip

Pasta Bella Good Food Trip

Pasta Bella Good Food Trip

Pasta Bella Good Food Trip

Pasta Bella Good Food Trip

Aside from the food,  we loved the cozy, romantic ambiance of the restaurant. The walls are adorned with different murals, most of which are reminders of God’s grace. The tables are covered with Italian-style tablecloths that make you feel excited to try their delectable pasta dishes. The roofdeck is embellished with string lights that give off a romantic feel to Pasta Bella.

Pasta Bella Good Food Trip

Pasta Bella Good Food Trip

Pasta Bella Menu

I actually have to apologize for this post because I forgot to take photos of the menu and take note of their prices. But as far as I can remember, our total bill for the night was below P800. It wasn’t bad considering we ordered Eggplant LasagnaOsso Bucco, and the Chocolate Ice Cream Cake with Nutella Drizzle and Paprika.

Before our orders arrived, they served us a complimentary plate of garlic bread. I enjoyed this a lot since I was a fan of garlic and butter.

Pasta Bella Good Food Trip


The first dish that came to our table was the Eggplant Lasagna. Pasta Bella served around 5 or 6 different options for their lasagna: Classic All BeefChicken & MushroomsShrimp & ScallopsChicken & SpinachHungarian Sausage, and the Eggplant Lasagna. Before visiting the restaurant, I had already read reviews and recommendations where people raved about the eggplant lasagna and the Aglio Olio pasta. I wanted to try the latter too but decided to get Osso Bucco as our main dish. Apart from these flavor choices, you’d have to choose the size of lasagna you like– the single pan lasagna or the full pan lasagna. The single pan lasagna serving was enough for 1-2 people, whereas the full pan lasagna could be a good pick for anyone throwing a party.

Pasta Bella Good Food Trip

When the Osso Bucco arrived, we were surprised to see that it was a big serving. You can choose to have it served with bread, pasta or rice. Since we already had a plate of lasagna, we went with rice. The veal shank was cooked right– tender and still juicy to taste. The accompanying sauce did a great job of not overpowering the dish.

Pasta Bella Good Food Trip

Pasta Bella Good Food Trip

Finally, when it was time for dessert, we decided to get the Chocolate Ice Cream Cake with Nutella Drizzle and Paprika. I loved how the dessert tasted. It was indeed the perfect end to a great meal! They had other flavors too– Strawberry Ice Cream Cake and the Vanilla Ice Cream Cake; each one had its own accompanying drizzle and topping.

Pasta Bella Good Food Trip

Overall, we enjoyed dining at Pasta Bella Cebu. Since it’s just right across from where we live, we’ll definitely be heading back for more!

Pasta Bella Cebu City Location

5th floor KIMA Glass Bldg.
22 F. Cabahug St., Mabolo,
Cebu City

For inquiries and reservations, call 0925 741 7135
Operating Hours: 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM (Mondays-Saturdays)

Here’s a map they shared on their Facebook page:

pasta bella cebu location
Photo from Pasta Bella Facebook page
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  1. Good food + great ambiance = one of a kind dining experience. Nindot ni nga dating place da. 🙂

  2. Reply

    Waaaaaa! I like food places that can’t be found easily! Hidden gems are worth finding when you do the finding. Thanks for showing us this hidden gem, Trixie! 🙂

  3. This does look like a very romantic setting. Which reminds me that the partner and I haven’t been to one in a long, long time. 🙂

  4. Reply

    You had me at lasagna. Lami kaayo siya tan-awn but I think mas lami gyod siya tilawan! Hahaha. 🙂 <3

  5. Going on top would make you feel really hungry. Romantic place to bring with you the special someone <3

  6. I can finish the lasagna all by myself! Your food photos are inspiring by the way. Makes me think about getting a better gadget for my food pics. 🙂

      • goodfoodtrip
      • March 7, 2017

      Hala super outdated baya ako camera hahaha! maselos gani ko ninyo nice kaayo mga pics 😀 thanks @channel! 🙂

  7. Sige lang kog labay diri. Hahaha! Murag imo na gyud ko gi-convince na dapat nako i-try ni ASAP Trixie!

  8. Reply

    Aww this looks like the perfect place to go on a private romantic date with your loved one – concealed and tucked away from the public. You can tell right away that it’s a great place to spend some quality time in. And dont even get me started on that Osso Bucco. Absolutely mouthwatering!

  9. Reply

    Good things are worth the effort as they say. 15 calories is nothing compared to the reward that awaits. Very nice interior and the food looks great. Seems a very good place to eat and hangout with friends and loved ones. I would love to visit this interesting place soon.

  10. Reply

    At first I had a “meh” feeling after hearing what you need to do to get to the place but after I saw the interior, I was just like “wow, this is a place I could spend hours in”. I’m a sucker for good interiors and I think I just feel in love with this one.

  11. Reply

    I like hown the restaurant is located at the 5th floor. Well, as the poster says, you’ll get them back as you eat. I’m envious with the nutella paprika. That must’ve been glorious…

    • Kat
    • March 3, 2017

    I just honestly heard of place and wow, the Osso Bucco looks soooo good! <3

    • Rea
    • March 3, 2017

    Aww love the vibe of the place. It’s too far from where I live though so I’m not quite sure when to go. Maybe if I can drag my friends one day, we can all dine over there. Food looks so yummmyy!!

  12. Reply

    Interesting place. I have heard about this one but I am just too lazy to check it out. After your review, I am tempted to visit this one. I am not much of a Pasta person but my wife is one. I would share this to her and see if I’d end up climbing the stairs of Kima Building. 😉

  13. Reply

    Looks interesting. I havent visited any good place to eat lately, I think I’m gonna try them out some time this week. Nice photos by the way

      • goodfoodtrip
      • February 28, 2017


  14. Reply

    Love the concept of the restaurant being on top with no elevator! Hahaha, I will feast my belly on this place soon!

    • Gene
    • February 20, 2017

    That Osso Bucco looks delish! And that dessert. I can’t imagine paprika and chocolate together.

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