8 Fast Food Items I Wish Would Make a Comeback

greenwich chicken ala king fast food

There are some food items that really leave an impact on us and they turn into our favorite dishes. Whenever we crave for their taste, we can easily return to that particular restaurant and order them. Sadly, we fail to realize that these items won’t be on the menu forever.

My recent experience with Chowking left me wondering where their delicious dishes are now and if they would ever make a comeback. I was very surprised to discover that Chowking no longer served Congee or Braised Beef– some of the only dishes I eat in that fast food chain. This inspired me to create this list: fast food items that are no longer on the menu.

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#1 Fast Food Item: Greenwich’s Chicken ala King

greenwich chicken ala king fast food

The first item on this list is Greenwich’s Chicken ala King. I know a lot of people who love to eat this dish from Greenwich so I was surprised that it hasn’t been on their menu for a few years now. I think the last time I saw it was in 2013.

#2 Fast Food Item: French Baker’s Chicken ala King

french baker chicken ala king fast food
Photo from Foodspotting.com

Speaking of Chicken ala King…
It could just be the branch in Cebu, but when I checked out French Baker in SM City Cebu, they no longer offered their famous Chicken ala King on a flaky shell. I’m not sure if other branches in Manila still offer this item on their menu.

#3 Fast Food Item: Greenwich’s Glazed Chicken

greenwich glazed chicken fast food

Another item that has been removed from Greenwich’s menu is their crispy Glazed Chicken. This item on their menu sprouted at the time when soy honey glazed fried chicken became a fad in Manila. With restaurants like Bon Chon, Manang’s Chicken, Chicken Charlie, and many more offered this, Greenwich joined in on the bandwagon and offered something affordable for the masses.

#4 Fast Food Item: Chowking’s Braised Beef

chowking-braised-beef fast food
Photo from Kusina Master Recipes

This turned out to be a huge disappointment for me. After not dining at Chowking for a long time, I was surprised to discover that they had already removed their Braised Beef off their menu indefinitely. The thought of it saddened me because it was something I readily ordered whenever we ate at Chowking since I was young. I remember watching ‘Mara Clara the Movie‘ with my mom and cousins and we ate at Chowking just before watching the movie. That was the only dish from Chowking I ate.

Before it was phased out, the taste and quantity of the beef had already declined. So I guess this was something Chowking had to do. I couldn’t find a photo of the actual dish served at Chowking so I tried to Google for something close to it.

#5 Fast Food Item: Chowking’s Congee

chowking congee fastfood
Another thing that I was disappointed to discover was that Chowking had already stopped serving their congee. I always took this dish for granted because I knew it was one of the staples that the fast food chain served.

A few months ago, I was sick with amoebiasis. The only thing I only wanted to eat at the time was congee so we headed for Chowking. When I tried to order it, the cashier told me it was already phased out. This was something I could not really understand why.

#6 Fast Food Item: Chowking’s Chow Pao

chowking chow pao fast food

Another dish from Chowking that’s no longer available is their Chow Pao. I particularly loved their Chinese Sausage Chow Pao and would eat that whenever I wanted something light and to-go. It also cost P25-P49, which was a really good price for its serving.

Sadly, this won’t be on their menu anymore. Their Happy Pao selection is also being threatened to be removed from their menu.

#7 Fast Food Item: Burger King’s Cheesy Tots 

burger king cheesy tots fast food
One of the few things I love about Burger King is their Cheesy Tots. They are these soft, bite-sized pieces of hash browns with molten cheddar cheese on the inside.

Sadly, it’s been removed from the menu for a few years already.

#8 Fast Food Item: Max’s Corner Bakery’s Rhumbars

max's corner bakery rum bars fast food
Photo: Philcake.com

Inside Max’s restaurants, you’ll find a small area where they sell some of their baked products. One of the items that I favored from that display was their Rhumbars. Ever since my dad died in 2012, I swore never to eat in Max’s again because it was his favorite restaurant. It also happened to be the very last restaurant he was able to eat in.

A few months ago, I was finally ready to go back. My boyfriend revealed to me that he had never eaten at Max’s before so I decided to let him try it. When I looked for their rhumbars, they told me it was no longer available. Even the waitresses were shocked with this because it turned out to be a bestseller.

The best thing to do now is to find a close second.

What about you? Do you have any favorite dish that’s no longer being carried by your favorite fast food? Share it with us!

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