How to Eat at The Pig and Palm Without Going Broke

pig and palm grilled squid

The Pig and Palm Cebu is a pretty intimidating restaurant and it has every right to be. Considering a Michelin-starred chef owns it, you’d think the restaurant is expensive. But with the right recommendations, it doesn’t have to be.

My apologies to the chef and the people behind this establishment. My photos do not do any justice to how actually luscious the dishes were. To make up for this, I have included some photos from the restaurant’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

My husband promised to surprise me on our first wedding anniversary. After checking in at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, we got ready for our dinner date at The Pig & Palm. To be honest, it’s been on my list of places to visit ever since a friend told us about its existence. But after reading about the restaurant, I hesitated. I thought it would be costly to try their dishes.

Michelin-star chef Jason Atherton and his wife Irha own the restaurant. It is the chef’s 16th restaurant under The Social Company, three of which have Michelin stars. Chef Atherton trained under chefs Gordon Ramsay and Ferran Adrià.

So when our GrabCar parked outside The Pig and Palm Cebu location, I knew there was no turning back. We would have to be careful about the dishes we order, or else we’d end up washing dishes on our anniversary.

The Pig and Palm menu consisted of modern tapas-style dishes that were good to share. I heard their Grilled Australian Angus Rib-Eye was a bestseller but we opted to go a different route. With a P1,500 budget, we decided it would be better to order more dishes than picking the most expensive on the menu.
For our appetizer, we picked the Pan con Tomate, Parsley, Basil (P170). It reminded me of Bruschetta, with a slice of bread filled to the brim with fresh ingredients.

pig and palm bruschetta

We also ordered the Chargrilled Miso Carrots, Baba Ganoush, Walnut Pesto (P150). Out of all the dishes, this was the one I enjoyed most. The carrots were exquisitely soft to chew. The flavors easily harmonized with each other. The thought of the dish makes me want to head to the restaurant for lunch.

pig and palm chargrilled miso carrots baba ganoush walnut pesto

For our mains, we picked the Grilled Squid, Seaweed Salad, Green Mango, and Confit Tomatoes (P220); along with an order of Chicken Karaage, Sriracha Mayonnaise (P250). The Karaage was interesting. Its accompanying sauce gave hints of spice without overpowering the meat. The Grilled Squid, a combination of color and texture, was a playful experience that toyed with our palates.

pig and palm grilled squid

It was a delightful experience; one we couldn’t help not to share with friends and family. We spent around P800 for our dinner date. Even though we didn’t get to spend our entire budget, we were already full from the dishes we picked out.

The Pig & Palm was a fitting choice to celebrate a milestone in our life together. It’s not a restaurant we’d pick on a normal day, but it’s definitely something to look forward to on a special occasion.

The Pig & Palm Cebu Location:

MSY Tower
Pescadores Road, Cebu Business Park
Cebu City
For reservations, call (032) 255 8249

Restaurant Operating Hours:
7:30 AM – 12:00 AM (Tuesdays – Fridays)
8:00 AM – 12:00 AM (Saturdays – Sundays)

Bar Operating Hours
12:00 PM – 12:00 AM (Tuesdays – Thursdays)
12:00 PM – 2:00 AM (Fridays – Saturdays)

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  2. Reply

    Well, another good time to go there is breakfast. I love their breakfast choices and it is fun to do it especially if your anniversary falls on a Sunday. Try their breakfast and let me know what you think. 😉

  3. Reply

    The “trained under chef Gordon Ramsay” part piqued my interest. I’ll give a place a visit haha

  4. Reply

    Seems like worth a visit <3 Thanks for this article! (Y)

      • goodfoodtrip
      • February 1, 2017

      Yes, Valentine’s Day is coming up 🙂

    • Anne
    • January 30, 2017

    “Without going broke” The title itself sold this place to me! Plus with clean interiors like that, I’ll make sure to pay this place a visit when I drop by Cebu.

      • goodfoodtrip
      • February 1, 2017

      You should! Thanks for dropping by my blog Anne 🙂

  5. Reply

    Tried eating there once. I loved the Chargrilled Miso Carrots, the squid ink crackers (I forgot what it’s called, I just remember that it was black and so good!), Karaage, and a pork dish but I forgot the name, it’s suppised to be their version of lechon kawali or something hahaha. I’m so forgetful when it comes to names but I remember enjoying everything including the lava cake!

      • goodfoodtrip
      • February 1, 2017

      Yeah! The carrots were divine! We need to go back and try that squid ink crackers and lava cake. Thanks for the tip, Jhanis 🙂

    • Gene
    • January 30, 2017

    I’ve been hearing good things about this place. Those carrots look so innocent but I’m sure they taste amazing. Will definitely add this on my list.

      • goodfoodtrip
      • February 1, 2017

      They’re really good! 🙂

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