Breakfast Buffet in Cebu: Providore Cebu is Now Open


Providore Cebu is finally open!

About a month ago, hubby and I decided to go on a staycation in one of the new hotels in Cebu, Summit Galleria Hotel. I loved the experience and all the fine details the hotel did on its interior.

On our way to our room, I was able to sneak a peek at a posh area that was still being constructed.

“That’s the lobby restaurant, Providore,” a hotel staff told me.

I smiled at him and asked when it would open.







Fast forward to a week after our staycation, I found a Facebook post that Providore had already opened. Since we were looking for a place to eat breakfast before attending service (at 10 a.m.), hubby and I decided to check out the new breakfast buffet restaurant in Cebu.

To my surprise, the price was a bit steep. It cost us around P700+ each person to enjoy a buffet breakfast. But after the first experience, it was well worth it.

I took pictures and promised to go back… someday.

On one of our Sunday routines, we chanced upon the restaurant and was really excited to see that they already opened the area connecting Providore to Galleria Cebu. I was beaming the whole time and was really excited to eat their delicious bread once again! But on our visit, we learned they had not yet opened to non-hotel guests.



So we waited patiently.

While scrolling my Instagram feed yesterday, I found a new post from @ProvidoreCebu. What made the post catch my eye was that they had lowered their breakfast buffet price!

Instead of costing around P700+ per person, the buffet breakfast has been lowered to P495. I think it’s a really good deal, especially with all the swanky interior and delicious food we got to try on our first visit.

Check out the items on their buffet menu here:


One of the dishes I loved was the Tomato Shakshuka because it had a refreshing and unique taste to it. I’m a fan of Mediterranean cuisine and this was a delight to my palate. Even though it’s originally a North African dish, Shakshuka has become a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine. The thought alone makes my mouth water.


Providore Cebu embraces local Cebuano delicacies by offering Budbud, among many other things. On my second visit, I learned that they had big plans for local entrepreneurs.



I particularly loved Providore’s selection of breads, jams, and sauces. The soft roll was true to its name and melts in your mouth with the butter provided, which is always a perfect mix.


And yes, I had to check if they had bacon. It was perhaps, if not, the very first thing I looked for amongst their selection of entrees for breakfast fare. I was not disappointed.

With yesterday’s awesome news, it definitely won’t be our last visit to Providore!

Welcome to Cebu, Providore! Cebuanos, meet your new buffet breakfast buddy.


Providore Cebu Address

Providore Cebu Breakfast Buffet is available from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. They are located on the Ground Floor of Summit Galleria Hotel Cebu.

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