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scarborough seafoods goodfoodtrip bacolod

I LOVE seafood.

My idea of the perfect Sunday is one where I get to spend time with family and friends by the beach and with a feast of all my favorite seafood dishes– yum!

Back when I was still living in Bacolod, I would always invite my friends or siblings to join me on a road trip to Balaring since it’s where I could enjoy fresh seafood at affordable prices and have a change of scenery at the same time.

Sadly, my younger siblings were not able to join me as much as I would have wanted since they already have lives of their own. (This is the part where I realize my younger siblings are no longer the kids I’ve always pictured them out to be.)

So when we discovered this new seafood restaurant in Bacolod, we were ecstatic! Not to mention, it was just a few minutes walk from our house.

scarborough seafoods bacolod goodfoodtrip
Yes, that’s me!

Scarborough Seafoods Interior

The restaurant has an al fresco seating area, perfect for those who wanted to enjoy the cool breeze brought in by the -Ber months. There’s also an area with an air conditioner, giving diners an option to enjoy their food even if it was scorching hot outside. A second floor is also available but I haven’t been there yet. I would recommend the al fresco area at nighttime, especially if it’s not too hot out.

What I particularly loved about Scarborough Seafoods’ interior was the care they practiced in choosing the littlest details. On the walls, you’d find artwork inspired by the ocean. But when you look up, you’ll find the owners’ sense of humor in the lighting pieces they installed throughout the restaurant.

scarborough seafoods goodfoodtrip interior

I like that they used native baskets for their lights since it was fitting for the type of food they served at the restaurant. It was also an incredibly smart idea to recycle these baskets.

Scarborough Seafoods Menu

So just like the other paluto restaurants you’d find throughout the Philippines, you’d have to pick out your choices then decide how you want them to be cooked.

Right before you enter Scarborough Seafoods Bacolod, you’ll be greeted with a supply of their fresh catch of the day. You choose according to kilogram, which depends entirely on your preference. There’s no minimum kilogram to comply to, so you can enjoy your favorite seafood dishes even if it’s just the two of you dining at the time.

scarborough seafoods menu bacolod goodfoodtrip

scarborough seafoods goodfoodtrip food

Once your chosen seafood has been weighed, you tell the server your preferred cooking style. Here are the usual options:

scarborough seafood menu goodfoodtrip

When you’re done, you can already head inside and wait for your food to be served.

Scarborough Seafoods Dishes

So far, I’ve eaten at Scarborough Seafoods three times already. The first was when hubby and I were looking for a restaurant that was still open at 10 pm. The next two times were with family.

What I particularly enjoyed about Scarborough Seafoods Bacolod was that I got to eat all my favorite seafood at an affordable price. Considering there’s around 15 of us, I don’t spend over P2,000 and we all get to enjoy our favorite seafood.

Whether it’s your first time to eat at Scarborough Bacolod or you’re looking for a menu that can serve a group of people, I’ve got you covered! Here are my recommended dishes that you definitely need to order at Scarborough Seafoods Bacolod:

Shrimp: Garlic Butter

scarborough seafoods goodfoodtrip shrimp
Butter Garlic Shrimps | P200 for 250g

This is my ultimate favorite dish at Scarborough Seafoods.

Just the other day, hubby asked me which restaurant was my favorite place to eat shrimps. I answered: “My own recipe.” He then asked, “What’s your next favorite?”

I paused and replied: “Scarborough Seafoods.”

If you’re reading this blog and you get a chance to see me eat at Scarborough in person, please excuse me for being gross– but I eat every single thing on the plate of Garlic Butter Shrimp served to us. As in, everything: I suck on the head, eat the shrimp meat, and drain out the sauce from the plate down to its last drop. I treat it as my dessert.

scarborough seafoods goodfoodtrip butter garlic shrimp
Butter Garlic Shrimps | P200 for 250g

The shrimp costs P200 for 250g, which already includes its cooking fee.

Blue Marlin: Sizzling

scarborough seafoods goodfoodtrip sizzling blue marlin
Sizzling Blue Marlin | P368 for 460g

I love Blue Marlin! I can never have too much of it. And when eating Blue Marlin, I believe sizzling is the best way to serve it.

My younger siblings love this too but we don’t order this too often since it costs a lot for a small serving.

With Scarborough Seafoods, this is no longer a problem!

The Sizzling Blue Marlin we ordered cost P368 for a weight of 460g.

Squid: Calamares

scarborough seafoods goodfoodtrip calamares
Calamares | P112.50 for 250g

When I was younger, my favorite Calamares recipe was the one cooked by my stepmom’s nephew. It’s been years since I’ve been able to taste that particular recipe so I was really amazed that Scarborough Seafoods had a similar taste.

The Calamares cost P112.50 for 250g.

Scallops: Garlic Butter

scarborough seafoods goodfoodtrip butter garlic scallops
Garlic Butter Scallops | P225 for 250g

Scallops were another seafood option that we don’t really order often since it costs a lot of money for a small amount. In Cebu, it was actually the opposite. The scallops were really cheap in Cebu, which is where I got to enjoy it more.

Scarborough Seafoods also serves Garlic Butter Scallops at an affordable price. P225 for 250g.

scarborough seafoods goodfoodtrip sinigang
Sinigang na Lapu-Lapu | P378 for 540g
scarborough seafoods goodfoodtrip grilled squid
Grilled Stuffed Squid | P112.50 for 250g

Of course, if you’re eating with a large group, you have to add in some other extras like the grilled pork or sinigang. You can ask their server for other items on the menu.


All in all, Scarborough Seafoods in Bacolod City is one of those places where you can be guaranteed you’ll always have a good food trip!

I should know because at that price and the taste of those glorious shrimps, it’s definitely worth coming back for!


Scarborough Seafoods Bacolod

Tent 8-B The Marketplace at Villa Angela
Lucerne St., Bacolod City
Opening Hours:
Lunch: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Dinner: 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM
For reservations or inquiries, call 0905 393 8980.

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