How to Pair Wine With Some Dishes at Sugbo Mercado

fat bastard white scallops

When talking about wine, what do you normally think about? If you’re like me, you might think of pairing it with wine while dining at a posh restaurant. You wouldn’t associate wine with something ordinary, right? Well, I was proven wrong once again after joining a wine pairing event a few weeks ago.

The event took place at Sugbo Mercado IT Park where bottles of Fat Bastard wines were prepared by D+B Wines. It was such an exciting event since I never thought of pairing wine with the dishes served at the popular food market. I mean, wine and ngohiong? They’re not exactly something I would serve together. But as I learned at a previous wine tasting event, it’s all about trying out dishes and finding the right balance between the food and the wine.

sugbo mercado wine pairing

sugbo mercado wine pairing virginia

sugbo mercado wine pairing virginia

sugbo mercado wine pairing virginia

So there I was together with my husband, seated beside some of Cebu’s popular bloggers. I felt like a fish out of water as they mingled with one another, obviously friends. It was a small circle, after all. I envied how they were all so comfortable with each other’s company.

sugbo mercado

But I remembered I was there for the event– something D+B Wines was planning to host a few more times at Sugbo Mercado. I think it’s an amazing opportunity for people to know more about wine and how not to be intimidated by it, especially since it was paired with everyday food.

Here are the food and wine pairings that I discovered worked well with each other:


fat bastard rosé good food trip

fat bastard rosé good food trip ngohiong

Fat Bastard Rosé went really well with the ngohiong prepared by Kan-anan ni Nasing. The wine got rid of the oily aftertaste of the fried lumpia.


fat bastard white pizza

fat bastard white pizza

fat bastard white scallops

fat bastard white scallops
Camille of WanderwomanWanders

I got to try the pizza prepared by Virginia Foods and the scallops prepared by Senyorito Scallops with different wines– red and white. Between them, I liked how they paired with Fat Bastard White wine.


fat bastard ginabot

sugbo mercado fat bastard croquette

Virginia Foods prepared quite a spread for us that night. Among the dishes I enjoyed most was the croquette (pictured above). I paired it with some of the Fat Bastard wines and found that it went really well with the Syrah. This wine also paired well with Banana Pancake Trail‘s Bbq.


fat bastard lechon

sugbo mercado fat bastard churros

sugbo mercado fat bastard deliz

Before this event, I wasn’t a fan of Merlot. But I was really surprised that the wine went well with Kuzina Guadalupe‘s lechon, Papa Churros‘ churros, and my favorite dish of all– Deliz Cakes and Pastries’ Mommy’s Monster Cake in a Can. I never thought I could pair red wine with chocolate but it apparently worked really well. Not to mention, I loved the chocolate cake!

I really hope the plans for the wine pairing event will push through! I think it’s a great way to educate more people about wine and how best to enjoy it. These events would be a big help, especially to those who feel intimidated by wine. You know, people like me 😉 But definitely, I’d go to more of these events! Would you?


For the meantime, you can buy Fat Bastard wines from D+B Wines.

D+B Wines Location:

The Crossroads
Banilad, Cebu City
For information, call (032)233 0832
Operating Hours: 10:30 AM – 9:00 PM Daily

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  1. Reply

    Never been into events like wine pairing, etc due to time constraints. I’d love to join some other time.

  2. Reply

    Heard so much of Sugbo Mercado but never got the chance to visit them. How long this wine pairing activity run? I hope I can still avail this free wine pairing

      • goodfoodtrip
      • February 28, 2017

      I’m not sure if they launched it already. During the event, they said they were still planning to hold these events regularly.

    • Gene
    • February 27, 2017

    I’d love to try and go to events like this. I usually pair wine with sadness and regret (haha), so learning to pair it with food is awesome.


    I just realised we have the same blog template haha

      • goodfoodtrip
      • February 28, 2017

      Hahaha I can relate!

      Yeah, it’s stock WordPress template. I’m in the process of customizing another template I bought last week 🙂

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