I Joined a Wine Tasting Event at D+B Wines Cebu

d+b wines

I always get intimidated with wine. Unlike food, I can never determine wine based on its nodes, aroma, or even its taste. Whenever I’m asked to describe the characteristics of the wine I drank, I always feel defeated. I can never find the right words to describe what I tasted or smelled. I know I wanted to improve on this but I’m never sure how I could be better with my wine choices. After all, I always relied on my big brother’s recommendations. With wine, I just know that I liked sweet wine and don’t like dry red wine.

So when I received an invite for a wine tasting session at a wine shop in Cebu, I had mixed emotions. I was excited and curious yet anxious at the same time. “What if I mess up?” I kept asking myself. “What if I say the wrong things?” And that’s when it hit me– I had oenophobia, or the fear of wine. This fear stems from my unfamiliarity with wine, how to explain what I’m tasting, and in general, how to talk about wine. I definitely wanted to get over this fear so I accepted the invite without any hesitations.

I arrived at the second floor of D+B Wine Shop Cebu to find a group of men already there. Carlo Borromeo of Maverick Ideas introduced me to them as a blogger he had invited to the wine tasting event. One of the men, restaurateur Jan Rodriguez, was in the process of opening a new restaurant at The Greenery called Weekend. And just like its name, Jan wants to make everyday feel like, well, a weekend. His plan is to bring all the best gins and tap beer from all over the world under one roof. Of course, there will be other items on the menu– like wine; which was why he invited guests over to help him pick from Dondi Joseph‘s selection.

d+b wines

d+b wines

d+b wines

d+b wines

d+b wines moet et chandon

d+b wines

d+b wines

d+b wines


d+b wines


d+b wines


A few minutes later, both men invited us all as friends. They both took turns to give their thoughts about wine and how it should be enjoyed. From the way they spoke, I could tell right away that they were avid wine drinkers. Their words escaped their mouths, leaving behind an infectious admiration for each drink. I was in awe of their dedication and knowledge of good wine.


d+b wines

There were a total of 10 bottles of wine Jan had selected for the tasting. Not included in this photo are the whites and the rosé.

d+b wines

D+B Wines: The Reds

We started with the reds– Longue ToqueLa ChasseClarendellePena Roble, and the Resalte. I particularly enjoyed the Longue Toque for its subtle and sweet taste.

d+b wines longue toque wine

d+b wines clarendelle


d+b wines clarendelle


d+b wines resalte


D+B Wines: The Whites and The Rosé

We really should have started with the whites, then went on with the rosé before proceeding with the reds. I learned that this was the right progression for drinking wine. Once you’re drinking red wine, you should not switch to white or else you’ll have a migraine the next day. But just for tonight, we decided to bend the rule.

We had a taste of La Chasse, The Ned, and the bestselling Fat Bastard rosé. When white wine was served, I felt more comfortable because of its familiarity. Or it could just be the wine taking over by then.

Out of this selection, I enjoyed La Chasse the most because it was smoother to drink rather than The Ned, which had a rather earthy taste to it (I’m not completely sure with how to describe its taste though). But then again, the rosé was always an excellent choice.


d+b wines


d+b wines the ned wine


d+b wines fat bastard


By the end of the night, everyone left as good friends–exchanging mobile numbers and besos. And as Jan had earlier pointed out, wine had that effect on people.


d+b wines wine tasting cebu


I was mildly amazed at how easy it was to socialize with everyone in that room. It felt like we had all known each other for a long time rather than just meeting each other that very night. More importantly, the entire wine tasting event showed me a new perspective on how to enjoy wine. It also taught me how to get over my oenophobia by accepting that I should not be too difficult on myself when it comes to wine. As someone who’s new to drinking wine, I should take it lightly and as a social experience rather than feel all the pressures of knowing the right wine vocabulary.

You see, wine is subjective to each person’s own palette. And the more you expose yourself to different wines, you’ll get to know more of the nodes, aroma, and bouquet of wine. It’s a realization that happens naturally to each individual. So if you’re like me and you feel intimidated or are fearful of wine, just relax and allow yourself to enjoy a glass every now and then. Take note of the wines you enjoy and the ones you didn’t so you already have an idea what to pick later. And of course, you need to keep exploring by tasting different types of wine and pair it with food.

I’ve come to realize that wine, just like love, takes time. It’s never rushed or forced– instead, you get to know it more over time and continuous effort. And if anything, I learned that good wine should always be enjoyed with good company.

By the way, I made a new friend that night too!

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D+B Wines Location:

The Crossroads
Banilad, Cebu City
For information, call (032)233 0832
Operating Hours: 10:30 AM – 9:00 PM Daily

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    It surely was a fun night. Here’s to more #WineNights!

  3. Reply

    You know what’s funny is that I’m not a wine drinker as well and I don’t know how to distinguish them. However, I was able to join a wine tasting last week and I just discovered that there is actually a difference. Haha!

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    These pictures of wines make me thirsty. 🙂

    • Gene
    • February 13, 2017

    I love wines! Though just like you, I don’t know how to distinguish them. All I know is that they come in white and red haha.

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